L&G Reports

Joe Winrich, Chair

Leland and Gray School Board


Leland and Gray Faces Potential Large Budget Cuts

Townshend, VT

For the last several years, Leland and Gray has seen declining enrollment in students that has mirrored Vermont as a whole. In an effort to continue the high-quality programming that has made Leland and Gray successful, the school board and the citizens of the five towns (Brookline, Newfane, Windham, Townshend, and Jamaica) have continued to fund Leland and Gray budgets at sustained levels.

The impact of declining enrollment and the passage of ACT 46 have changed the current funding environment for Leland and Gray. Under ACT 46, school districts gradually lose the hold harmless provision of a maximum of a 3.5% loss of equalized pupils which has accelerated the effects on budget and programming development at Leland and Gray.

For the past several months, the board has considered a variety of influences on Leland and Gray --- loss of students, appropriate programming, investment of the community and future planning. The board has already asked the administration to reduce the budget by more than $300,000. With new information about equalized pupils reported from the state on Tuesday, December 13th, the board tasked the administration with identifying additional reductions to stay under the spending threshold.  

The board is asking for public input on these proposed changes and welcomes questions or comments in-person, by phone or via email.